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Make Your Own - Cloth Menstrual Pads & more mama stuff

Cloth Menstrual Pads
Cloth Nursing Pads

When you use cloth diapers, it's easy to consider reusable cloth menstrual pads. Don't be scared! As with cloth diapers, anything absorbent will do. If you want the simplest solution, use rags or towels. If you want a tidy cloth pad with less bulk, you can easily make your own from the patterns and instructions below. Though you can use any absorbent material, heavy brushed twill flannel makes the toughest, longest lasting pads. And, cleaning is easy. Toss them in with the diapers.

reusable tampons . Yes, that's what I wrote. I still remember the moment of dawning realization when I first read reusable tampon instructions on Born to Love last century (OK, 8 years ago).

menstrual pads . Several free cloth pad patterns, including a nifty circle pad from Adahy's Cloth Pad Patterns.

menstrual pads . The best cloth pad pattern layout with no wasted scraps comes from Jan Andrea's Baby Crafts.

menstrual pads . PDF of great printable cloth pad pattern with instructions from Women's Environmental Network (WEN) in the UK, the people who bring Real Nappy Week to Britain.

menstrual pads . Printable cloth pad pattern (enlarge 200%) with instructions from Sleeping Baby Productions through Millennium Ark.

menstrual pads . DIY grrl punk zine printable cloth pad pattern with instructions from Blood Sisters for the hand-made revolution. Check out their menstrual activism.

menstrual pads . Cloth pad pattern and instructions from Steward Community Woodlands.

menstrual pads . Simple cloth pad sewing instructions with photos from Diaper Sewing.

menstrual pads . Turned and top-stitched cloth pad sewing instructions with photos from Tiny Birds Organics.

menstrual pads . Simple shape cloth pad sewing instructions with photos from DownSizer.

menstrual pads . Sanitary pad sewing instructions with photos from Hillbilly Housewife.

menstrual pads . How to Wiki with cloth pad sewing instructions and step-by-step photos.

menstrual pads . If that isn't enough, see a big list of cloth pads patterns and instructions from Obsidian in Australia. She has patterns and instructions, too.

menstrual pads . Pretty Things cloth menstrual pad pattern for sale at One Stop Diaper Shop.

ceramic pot for pads . Throw a pot, use an old teapot, or find any appealing shape that will let you pour the soaking water onto houseplants. If you are looking to buy, PrimalMommy has the most beautiful pots we've seen.

Sometimes nursing mothers need absorbent cloth nursing pads to avoid that terrible wet shirt front. I know some of you know what I mean. Any shape will work, but a simple circle will show the least. You may want to add a small dart to get a better fit. Use fabric scraps about 4" across. I like lightweight wool because wool absorbs and holds moisture. If you need a little guidance, you'll find patterns and instructions below.

nursing pads . Simple step-by-step instructions for nursing pads from eHow.

nursing pads . Even simpler instructions for nursing pads using only flannel from Cloth Diaper Sewing blog.

nursing pads . The cloth menstrual pad pattern for sale at One Stop Diaper Shop includes a nursing pad pattern.

nursing clothes . For lots of great nursingwear patterns, check out Elizabeth Lee Designs.

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