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Canteloupe Diaper Garden

Cantaloupe cloth diaper garden

It's cold and grey outside, but open this rough, unassuming fruit and you find beautiful, soft, sweet canteloupe. November, despite the harvest festival we call Thanksgiving, is usually quite late for harvest.

This is a last, late harvest.

We've been making cloth diapers since the last century, and we're ready for a change. We have great new products coming next year (subscribe lower right to hear every exciting little detail), but we're clearing out the garden first.

Buy cantaloupe diapers now!

Wool Changing Pads

Wool changing pads are moisture resistant

Plasticky changing pads? No way!

Wool makes a perfect puddle pad because it is moisture resistant, keeping your changing table and your child's bed dry. We make changing pads and puddle pads from the same cool wool we use to make Fuzbomb wool diaper covers.

Buy wool changing pads now.

Elemental Diapers since 2001

Elemental Organic Diapers

We are coming up to the 10th anniversary of our beloved elemental diapers in a few months, and we want to celebrate by telling everyone how we invented elemental diapers.

Organic cloth diapers and natural living have been close to the heart of Fuzbaby since we began in 1999. From early 2001 we made Refuz diapers in four elemental colorways using old T-shirts. Fuzbaby Refuz cloth diapers are the original elemental diapers. In 2005, we played with our years of hand dyeing organic cotton fabric to create a line of hand-painted Elemental Diapers. You don't have to be a genius to see the beauty in dedication to 100% natural fiber, 100% reusable cloth diapers with the Fuzbaby flair.

Buy Elemental Diapers now.

Refuz grow in the Fuzbaby garden

Elemental Diapers

Fuzbaby Elemental Diapers, acting as a Diaper HengeConsider the elements that make up our world: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Natural living brings us close to the elements. Naturally, we use that inspiration to create new cloth diapers. Following the colorways of our old Refuz diapers, we have added colorful, hand-dyed and hand-painted organic cotton prints outside and a wild range of colors inside to create beautifully bright Elemental Diapers. Available in fitted and contour styles, individually or in sets.

Elemental Diaper Covers

Random Eclipse Four Elements Fuzbomb Diaper CoverDuring a rare and beautiful Random Eclipse we auctioned the Elemental Diaper Cover at right. The theme for the Random Eclipse was: Four Seasons.

The Fuzbaby contribution is a twist on the Four Seasons to play up our four Elemental Diaper designs. To add to the colorplay, we created four baby and toddler sized appliqued wool berets--one each of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.

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Follow our resources to find your own path. Find out why natural fibers absorb and other articles. Use cleaners that work for cloth diapers with answers to our FAQs. Investigate natural living as well as natural fibers.

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Home birth to home funerals and much of what comes between. You will find resources to do it yourself in our Make Your Own Everything section.

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Share your cloth diapering expertise with others. Join Real Diaper Association, a nonprofit tax exempt organization in support of cloth diaper advocacy and education.


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